What is the Essence of Humanity?

"The principal essence of man is to preserve the existence of the entire living race. One cannot preserve their fellow man without hanging on to the dictates of goodness, love, and peace. For every man who exists, he must ensure that he does not exist alone, he must ensure that he is not an island and that he works towards ensuring that his fellow man is preserved in existence as much as he is."

Yvener Duroseau

Meet Yvener

Yvener Duroseau is a renowned diversity and inclusion motivational speaker and consultant, digital marketing entrepreneur, creative writer, and published author who lives by discipline, confidence, strong social awareness, and mindful listening — traits that serve him well in all his noble pursuits.

This Haiti-born American grew up learning Haiti’s profound history as the first nation in which a group of enslaved Africans came together to fight for and win back their independence. His book, Alike Regardless, is the first of many achievements he proudly wears like a badge of honor. 

Alike Regardless, challenges humankind’s internalized division. It issues a call to arms to readers to recognize humanity’s beauty and uniqueness and take off the blinders of bigotry and hate. 

Duroseau wrote his book to create a safe, productive space wherein he puts onto paper his genuine passion for a more diverse and socially just world. His professional insights and determination are palpable on every page and have succeeded in reaching out to readers, prompting them to think more deeply.

When he’s not writing, speaking, consulting, or running his business, Duroseau spends his time in silence, voraciously reading books or consuming inspirational and motivational content. He is also an avid supporter and participant of the Diligent Act of Love for Haiti (DALOVE), a non-profit organization advocating for and supporting the education of underprivileged Haitian children. DALOVE helps kids reach their full potential and become an asset to their community and country.

Duroseau holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management and an Associate’s degree in Business Administration from Hodges University in Naples, Florida. He also has over seven years of management experience in numerous industries.

Duroseau also loves to travel and spend time with his wife, Kimberly, and their cat, Luna — his most devoted fans and constant support system as he works towards his goals.

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I want to challenge the status quo, fight for social justice, and seek to challenge the norm of division present in humankind. My talk reveals pathways to change and compelling visions for the future.
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