“Alike Regardless is spectacular! It’s a wake-up call for us to go back to being compassionate human beings again. Yvener gives us a blueprint to break down the walls that divide us. This book is a must-read regardless of the color of your skin.”

– Rene Godefroy, Award-winning Author of Kick Your Excuses Goodbye

Praises for Alike Regardless

It’s time to mend the tear. Join the movement #Alikeregardless

“I devoured the first few chapters, feeling like Yvener was reading my mind! Alike Regardless stands out as a book to guide in facilitating conversations about human nature and introspection. I love the end-of-chapter questions and the message of hope that flows from the pages. This is a must-read for 2021 and beyond.”-

Jessica Maronto

Founder of SoLow Housing First

“Wow! What an excellent and timely book! This is the book that the world needs right now. I work as a high school teacher at a small rural, mostly white school in Arkansas and the principles that you’ve outlined in your book are exactly what I try to teach my students. We are all human. We are all more alike than we are different. It starts when you are young. It’s up to you to be kind and stand up for others to set an example. That is how we fix the racism problem. Parents have to instill in their children and young people have to step up and make the difference when it seems like no one else is listening. I really loved your book. So good!”

Chelsea Burdick

Historian & Educator

“In the first chapter, I found myself being drawn into my own thoughts and questioning how I treat people. This book is very well written and challenges you on your views of equality, regardless of race or gender. It is a great resource for our current state of humanity.”

Patrick D. Thompson

Talent Development Consultant at Lumen Technologies

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