Alike Regardless: Seeing Oneness in Diversity

Have you ever watched a TV program about space and afterward found yourself looking at humankind from a completely different perspective? (If not, I highly recommend grabbing some popcorn and watching The Universe on Netflix.)  From the viewpoint of the universe, don’t our petty controversies as humans seem a little ridiculous?

After all, the likelihood of our habitation here was a complete toss-up.  According to the Drake Equation, we are one in a million million.  These are the odds that Earth has to enable life on our planet; just the right combination of chemicals, temperature, water, days, and nights.  So that begs the question: 

Since we’re all on this one planet, here together, aren’t we alike regardless of our so-called “differences”?

One Planet

When looking at how we got here as a species, it’s not hard to see oneness.  Everything on Earth evolved from other things: from bacteria to sea life, to animals, to humans.  We are all a part of each other, and ultimately, made from the same elements.  The cultural differences we currently see in humankind only developed because our species traveled across the world.  Amongst different regions, humans developed varying physical attributes and created cultures that were unique to their region.  These differences shouldn’t disregard that we all came from one place, though, and the expansion of humankind, as well our evolved human differences, should be cherished.

Do You Truly Accept Others as They Are?

If we are alike in virtually every way other than culture, why is it so hard for us to see oneness through diversity?  Maybe it has to do with how ingrained we are in our own regions and cultures.  The unfortunate truth is that many don’t actually meet many people that are different from them.  This can create a shock factor when we’re confronted with the unfamiliar.  We may have even evolved to be wary of people that are different because humans were always tribal creatures.

Luckily, this natural inclination to avoid diversity can be overcome if we’re aware of it.  As long as we have the intention to see diversity as a good thing, all we have to do is keep ourselves in check when meeting new people and thinking about differing societies.  An important question you can ask yourself is, am I truly accepting them as they are?  Try to pinpoint any assumptions you make, and ask if you reached them based on actual events or if they were preconceived in your mind.

Diversity is the Answer

The ability to see oneness in diversity has become not only good moral practice, but crucial to our survival as a species and planet.  Earth is up against a chaotic array of problems that can only be solved if everyone agrees to solve them, as humankindStudies show that diversity is our greatest asset when it comes to solving problems.


If Earth wants to maintain its place in the universe as a planet that can survive and thrive, we need to get our act together and work as one global team.  Diversity is our asset and our strength, and it’s yet another thing we all have in common.

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