everyone is created equal

Yvener seeks to challenge the norm of division present in humankind.

Plot Summary

The human race is unique!

Despite our many differences; religion, beliefs, race, skin color, or personal prejudices, there is still one thing that holds our world together, which is ‘We are all human.’

However, we fail to see the beauty in the uniqueness of humankind, because we have been blinded by hate, bigotry, envy, and fear. We let hatred rule us, envy divide us, and fear keep us from fixing the mess. But it is time to wake up and see that everyone was created equal, perfect, and no different.

People have been born into unequal circumstances, which often leads them to make choices, which may either be good or bad, but one thing remains. We are still the same regardless. You may be asking, ‘…how that can be?’

This book will help you discover how there are no differences.

Hello there! No matter your skin color, race, gender, economic rank, sexual identity, or social status, we are human before anything else. In our diversities, we can still achieve oneness. Hatred may have ripped us apart, but there is still a way to mend the tear if only we can fix ourselves first, letting the uniqueness of the human race reflect inward and then to the outside, healing the human race. We should mend the tear and do it now! This book will be a guide.

“The principal essence of man is to preserve the existence of the entire living race. One cannot preserve their fellow man without hanging on to the dictates of goodness, love and peace. For every man who exists, he must ensure that he does not exist alone, he must ensure that he is not an island and that he works towards ensuring that his fellow man is preserved in existence as much as he is. This is the primary essence of humanity.”

Yvener Duroseau


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